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Training and Safety


When puppy makes something wrong, it is very important to correct him directly after this thing. The puppies have very short memory and if you correct the puppy with delay after wrong act, the puppy is confused and does not know why you are angry. The puppies have short memory for things like this.

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Puppy´s Bed and Hygiene



Pup puppy's letty on some quiet place in a room, where you spend the most time every day (it is usually some corner in the living room). When the puppy is sleeping do not disturb him (you do not like also when somebody disturbs you during sleeping). You can move the puppy's letty to your bedroom for the night (or buy the second letty) if you want to have the puppy still near you. It is good to be near the puppy during the first nights in his new home, because the puppy miss his dog family, is confused and needs to be with somebody.

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Puppy´s feeding habits

A puppy must always be fed his meals according to a puppy feeding schedule or chart at the same times and place. Up until six months of age, the puppy will need to eat about four meals a day (for example at 8am -12am – 16pm – 20pm). The puppy needs regular regime. At six months a puppy must eat two meals a day. Not too long ago, it was recommended to feed a puppy only one time a day, but now it has been observed that it is better to feed two times a day (morning and evening).

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De-worming and Vaccination, Care about body

DE – WORMING (must be in every case…as curing or prevention)

Until three months it is necessary to de-worm (also as prevention) every two weeks (for example tablets Drontal, Caniverm, Ambex). From three months old until one year de-worm every tree months.

From one year old de-worm every six months (if you have small baby at home so do it every three months).

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