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Puppy´s feeding habits

A puppy must always be fed his meals according to a puppy feeding schedule or chart at the same times and place. Up until six months of age, the puppy will need to eat about four meals a day (for example at 8am -12am – 16pm – 20pm). The puppy needs regular regime. At six months a puppy must eat two meals a day. Not too long ago, it was recommended to feed a puppy only one time a day, but now it has been observed that it is better to feed two times a day (morning and evening).


Doing this avoid the puppy from becoming stuffed and avoids gastrointestinal problems from occurring since it helps the puppy feel lighter and helps him be more attentive during the day and night. If your puppy still has food in his plate and it has been sitting for fifteen minutes, take the food from him. If the puppy were still hungry, he would have eaten it. After your puppy has eaten give him some time to digest his food and never force him to eat. If you notice he has a trouble with eating, or does not want to eat, get in touch with your veterinarian. Dogs have a tendency to "beg" at the dinner table, but it's important to not feed them this type of food since it contains condiments that could cause gastrointestinal problems. Another thing that must never be fed to a puppy is bird bones because they are dangerous. Bones in general, such as fish bones and any type of bird bones, can perforate the puppies or dogs intestine causing serious peritonitis. This happens because bones often times crack and splinter. The only type of bone that is recommended for a dog to chew on is rawhide and synthetic ones (chewing on these can cause the dogs teeth to become deformed though). Always have fresh clean water available twenty four hours a day, making sure to change your puppy's water two or three times a day (Do not use tap water for your dog, because it is unhealthy in Riyadh, use the water from bottles).

Hight quality dog food:
Royal Canin


It is good to mix small pieces of boiled soft cut-up chicken meat with granules sometimes (2-3 times per week) + can be boiled soft cut-up carrot too. From time to time give the puppy a small piece of hard cheese, tuna, boiled egg yolk, a small piece of apple or tomato. No chocolate! No poultry bones!

You can wet dry food with warm (not hot not cold) water or meat broth from time to time.

If it is not necessary, do not change type of dog food. The stomach of dog is used to food you feed him with and often changes are very unhealthy for it. Change dog food only in case, your dog has some problem with this food (allergy and so on).

Do not feed one day with commercial dog food (granules) and next day with home boiled food – it is unhealthy for your dog! You can only give a small piece of hard cheese (not too salty), boiled egg yolk, a piece of apple or boiled chicken (you can mix it with dry food) to your dog. I do not recommend boiled beef meat, because some dogs have allergy or stomach problems with this meat. A lot of dogs like fish, but beware of bones! Never give your dog chocolate and smoked meat, it is very unhealthy for dog.

Granules storage is very important. Give some part of granules to the glass I gave to you (you will have the granules still by the hand like this) and close well the rest of granules in the original bag. If you storage the granules badly, aroma goes outside and quality of granules falls away (same like human food).


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