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Life with Toby

Dog: Tobby (one of rescued puppies - see the section "Rescue Desert Dogs")

Owners: Maxine &  Stephen & Joshua

Email from 23rd December 2008

Many people have fallen in love with Tobby and he has
become a bit of a celebrity on our compound (He went christmas carol singing on Sat
evening!). He goes over the coffee shop with us regularly and curls up under the table
with a chew stick (yes,in the freezing cold!) and many people make a fuss of him
that miss their own dogs from home. He has made a lot of doggy friends too from
mad spaniels that he plays crazy chasing games with to a massive german shepherd
'uncle' who lets Toby jump all over him and chew his ears.

He has learnt a lot of commands in the few weeks we've had him, Sit, Stay, Heel,
Go To Bed, Down, In, Out, No, Business (ie you can do your business HERE),
coming when called is coming slowly as he's a defiant little thing and won't do
so if he has something more interesting to do, and our sitters while we were
away had been chasing him to catch him if he wouldn't come so it's just a big
game to him now! We're working on 'Speak' (Bark), but as he doesn't do so very
often it's proving tricky! 'Fetch' is an absolute dead loss and leaves us
laughing every time, he really doesn't understand why he should fetch you
something you just threw away, if you wanted it, why did you throw it away!?!?
He's just TOO clever sometimes, he comes galloping back looking pleased with
himself and thinks 'fetch' means the same as 'come here'.

He had his final shot on Dec 17th with the rabies, so our next door neighbour
with 2 spaniels is going to take us out with them to play in the sand in the
desert later this week, as he knows a place without much litter.

Maxine, Stephen and Joshua

Life with Toby

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