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Life with Bamboo

Dog: Bamboo (one of rescued puppies - see section "Rescue Desert Dogs")

Owners: Marcela & Radovan 

9th January 2009

Our Bamboo is 4.5 months today, has already 15 kg and is really wonderful dog. Some people have told me in the past that desert dogs are "wild" but I definitely do not agree! He is very gentle to us and to our other dogs (the heaviest of them has only 6 kg). Bamboo loves to walk with us and play with doggy friends (especially with his sister Barča and our other dog Fanda). Sometimes he paws holes but it is no problem because we established one place for this his hobby. He knows already „come to me", „sit", „give paw". He is very smart and would know more but I am afraid I had not much time for his training in last few weeks. Now I plan to teach him „down", „stay" and improve walk near leg.

My husband didn't want Bamboo at the beginning because we had (have) already the other 5 dogs (yorkshire terrier, shih-tzu, dachshund, 2 mix dogs) but Bamboo is his favorite now :D 

I can say that Saudi desert dogs are really great! (I am sure that the other owners agree with me J  ). These dogs are very smart, faithful and not degenerate yet. If you save one of them you will do a good job and get the best friend. But you need not to own this dog (if you do not want) - it is sufficient if you save him and find him new home. Join our project "Rescue desert dogs" please.


Life with Bamboo

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