Kategorie: Hard Life of Animals in Saudi Arabia

And what does Islam says about it?

I have been studying Islam in context with animal rights and it's interesting that although The Holy Koran is one of the earliest records authenticating animal rights. Islam is one of the few religions which specifically endorses rights to animals and acknowledges they are an important part of Allah's creation, our world and, as such, we are expected to show respect and a responsibility toward them.

Yet the record in the kingdom is so poor - mainly because no one knows what is cruel and what is not. i.e. the level of education in relation to how animals should be treated is not there. Secondly few people care or are afraid to speak out. Thirdly there is no governing body to check up on the standards of care provided to animals in pet shops. Did you know even with no training, no knowledge of animals, no experience ANYONE can open a pet shop if they have the money.

I have seen animals in terrible states in Pets shops and the "resident vet" admits he doesn't know how to treat them and really doesn't seem to care "because it will be sold anyway". It is unacceptable: lazy and cruel.

Islam teaches us that pets, like cats and dogs, should not be treated as commodities to be bought and sold. This is known because it is written in the hadeeth of Abu'l-Zubayr who said: 'I asked Jaabir about the price of dogs and cats. He said, "The Prophet (pbuh) strictly forbade that".' (Narrated by Muslim, 1569).

Infact the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) would shun those who keep animals in cages even if they are not for sale, for he himself said; 'It is a great sin for man to imprison those animals which are in his power'. (Muslim)

And to those who say we should not invest our time with animals tell them - when the people asked the Prophet (pbuh): "Is there a reward for us in serving animals?" The Prophet replied: "(Yes), there is a reward for serving any (living being)." Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Hadith 38.

Lana, Riyadh

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