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Life with Max

Dog: Max (one of rescued puppies - see section "Rescue Desert Dogs")

Owners: Karen, Quentin, Jordan and Paige

Email from 25th January 2009

We got Max back in Oct 2008. He was so cute that I felt like he was a human baby, I wanted to pick him up all the time, make sure he was getting enough food and water and being quite when he was napping. Well he's almost five months old and getting big everyday. When my kids went back to school from a winter break the bus monitors couldn't believe how tall he has gotten. But I've been told that he's still growing. For the moment Max and my daughter Paige (she's just 5) are about the same height.

Max is a joy to have around our house he is one of the family members and loves his human brother and sister. When their at school Max will be all sad and lying down most of the day. But when Jordan and Paige come home. Max's tail starts to wag like crazy. Comes to the point that Max will knock the kids to the floor. It's funny. Loves his walks around the compound and is a very friendly dog. Also, Max protects his family. If something doesn't smell right or someone comes to the door, Max will bark and the hair's on the back of Max's neck stick up. But that's a watch dog for you even though sometimes he can be a big baby.
I'm so grateful to Marcela in finding these dogs and for giving us Max. Thank You so much Marcela from the bottom of my heart and the hearts of all the other owners who have a desert dog. Keep doing what your doing in finding these Saudi desert dogs. Take Care.