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Rescued Puppies I

24th October 2008 – morning

I found 5 puppies in front of one compound in Riyadh.

They are babies of „Saudi Desert Dogs“. „Saudi Desert Dogs“ are not formal breed but all of these dogs look very similar – they usually have short hair, sandy color, white socks and white chest. They have size like smaller german shepherd. They are very beautiful, smart, faithfull and are not degenerate yet.

24th October 2008 – afternoon

Rescue Dogs

Veterinarian Nicolas and me caught 3 puppies today.

They are 1 boy nad 2 girls. I gave them names Dan, Dášenka and Barča (just for my recognition). They are very similar, only Dášenka is a little smaller and has darker color then her brothers and sisters. All of them have the weight 4.5 kg and are probably 2 months old.

The other 2 puppies hide too deep to the green and it was impossible to catch them.

Their mother has dog-collar it means she had probably an owner in the past. Unfortunatelly, she is very afraid of people now and it is impossible to catch her with hands. She was standing around 10m from us and barking. She is not aggressive, she is just scared.

I keep the puppies in a bathroom of my dog salon. It is big room so they can play there. Couple of times daily I use to visit them, feed them and leave them to play on the area in front of salon.

All the puppies are very healthy, have no parasites, have healthy clean ears and eyes. They like to eat, I feed them with dog food Royal Canin for puppies.

25th October 2008

I made flyer (advertisement) and put it on all information boards in our compound and sent it by email to my friends also.

Barča found new perfect owners from our compound today but she must wait for them until 10th November because they are going for vacation. They decided to keep the name Barča.

26th October 2008

The puppies were de-wormed today. I don´t think they had some worms but it is normal to do it preventively.

Dášenka was adopted today by very nice family from our compound. They changed her name to Jessica and took her to new home.

31st October 2008

Dan is going to his new home. His loving owners gave him new name Max.

Rescue Dogs

My husband and me caught the fourth puppy. He is boy and got the name Tobby.

Tobby was preventively de-wormed on 1st November 2008.

2nd November 2008

My husband and me caught the last puppy. He is the boy, is the bigest of all puppies and has special green eyes. I gave him a symbolic name Bamboo (the puppies were born in bamboo). He has 5 kg.

Bamboo was preventively de-wormed today.

5th November 2008

The puppies were vaccinated for the first time. Each of them got a vaccination book where I wrote the information about de-worming and vaccination.

9th November 2008

Barča was de-wormed for the 2nd time (every puppy should be de-wormed every 14 days untill 3 months of age)

10th November 2008

Barča is going to her new home.

17th November 2008

Tobby and Bamboo were preventively de-wormed fot the 2nd time.

20th November 2008

Tobby is going to his new home. He has very good owners they have many experiences with dogs. They decided to leave the name Tobby.

Bamboo is moving to my house today. I fell in love with these puppies and decided to keep one of them.

8th December 2008

I am waiting for help of some people who can help me to catch mother of puppies and the second female (she was also there). I would like to castrate these females to prevent delivery next puppies.

Rescue Dogs

There are many dogs and puppies like these in desert. They need our help and care (feeding, castrations, rescuing puppies etc.). They are really special beautiful dogs. If you find some puppies or hear about them so do not turn your head please. If you save them some people will love to take them from you and give them new loving home. Or keep the one yourself - be sure you will get the best friend. The puppies have not good future without our help and probably no future…but if we help them they can be happy dogs. Please help these great animals.

My experience and recommendation:

Don´t take desert puppies younger 6 weeks (must have first teeth and also younger puppies need necessary their mother) and don´t take puppies older 3 months (usually it is difficult to socialize older puppies of desert dogs).

Thank you.

Contact me: +420 607144006, traveller05@seznam.cz or ozviratech@seznam.cz


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