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Desert puppy Tomi

27th February 2009

I found one desert puppy and gave him name Tomi. He is strong boy with big paws, sandy color with white marks, probably 4 months old and seems healthy. He was living around workers in desert who used to feed him.

3rd March 2009

Tomi is still very shy and I am thinking to return him back to desert. He is different than the previous puppies...he is older and has wilder nature.

5th March 2009

I tried my best to socialize Tomi but I got to know he is not good puppy for adoption. I think he would be unhappy in human community and also new owner would have big job with him. It would be risk that he would change owners and goes "from hand to hand". In this case is better solution to return him back to his doggy family. Tomi is short time at "charity room" so it is still time to do it.

6th March 2009

Tomi is back in desert. He was so beautiful...but what to do :-( He found his doggy group very fast and looked to be happy with them. I brought 2 bags of puppy granules and gave it to workers who fed him before. They promised me to feed him regulary and give him water also. If he would be a female I would leave to castrate him (and to scar of course) before his return to desert. But he is male so castration has no sense.

Good luck Tomi!

My experience and recommendation:

Don´t take desert puppies younger 6 weeks (must have first teeth and also younger puppies need necessary their mother) and don´t take puppies older 3 months (usually it is difficult to socialize older puppies of desert dogs).



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