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Training and Safety


When puppy makes something wrong, it is very important to correct him directly after this thing. The puppies have very short memory and if you correct the puppy with delay after wrong act, the puppy is confused and does not know why you are angry. The puppies have short memory for things like this.

Never discipline the dog with your hand. If he is bad take his skin behind the neck and shake with him a little (like his mother did). If the puppy is still bad after this max. hit him with newspaper or a tiny rod a little.

If the puppy does not follow your disposal, it need not to mean, that he does not want to do it, but it often means, he does not understand what you want from him. Be patient and explain it quiet to him.


Everybody of your family must keep the same rules for puppy training. It means to use the same training words (for example "Come to me", "No!", "Go pee"...), if some room is "secret" for puppy, everybody must respect it etc. Do not forget to praise puppy for everything positive - it is very important.


When the puppy is around 3 months put him first time the soft collar during playing with him. The collar cannot be too fast on the neck (it must be possible to give two fingers between collar and neck). Leave the collar on his neck short time and than take it off. Train it every day for a while.

When he will be used to the collar, attach the leash to the collar and leave the puppy to play with it (do not keep leash, leave it free). Train like this a few days and try to keep the leash and walk with him "step by step". Be very patient, because this exercising is very important for your future life with the dog.

After the puppy is used to walk with leash try to put him automatic leash. This leash is perfect for exercising "come to me", because it is min. 3m long and in addition you can regulate the distance.

Put off the collar from puppy neck at home, because it is more comfortable for the dog.

My type for playing: Attach some puppy toy or old sock to leash and move with the leash. The puppy/adult dog will want to catch the toy and you enjoy big fun together. Like this I played often with my dogs and it was perfect for both of us.


Clear every toxic flowers (and another things), electric flexes, sharp things etc. from the touch of puppy.


I hope it will be big friendship and love between you and your puppy. Take good care about him and you will see that he will love you with all his heart. BE RESPONSIBLE and never leave him behind. Leaving the dog behind is the worst thing what owner can do and after the dog has broken heart for the rest of his life. Do not forget that dogs have similar feelings like people...they know to love, know to cry, feel happiness or sorrow.


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