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Pup puppy's letty on some quiet place in a room, where you spend the most time every day (it is usually some corner in the living room). When the puppy is sleeping do not disturb him (you do not like also when somebody disturbs you during sleeping). You can move the puppy's letty to your bedroom for the night (or buy the second letty) if you want to have the puppy still near you. It is good to be near the puppy during the first nights in his new home, because the puppy miss his dog family, is confused and needs to be with somebody.


From the very first moment our new puppy comes into our home, it is important to limit the place the puppy is allowed to do his needs, so that the puppy in this way becomes trained to automatically doing his physiological needs in the correct place. There are people that do not put time into teaching their puppy to do its needs in the correct place, and then when the puppy poops on their carpet, they freak thinking the puppy is naughty. A lot of times people think that by showing their puppy once or twice the correct spot that the puppy will learn and they then leave him alone all day expecting him to remember. Handling things this way is practically impossible. A new puppy should be looked on as a new baby in the home, because that is in fact what they are, babies and just like babies their needs are more frequent, every two or three hours, after every meal, and after waking from their short naps. It's important to learn to read the signs and the things the puppy does right before it needs to urinate or defecate such as smelling a certain spot consistently, or sometimes twirling around in circle. The best way to help your puppy learn where to do its needs is by first choosing the appropriate place which can be inside your house, or in the garden, patio, laundry room, or bathroom, where ever you feel is appropriate. After every meal and as soon as the puppy has awakened from its nap, take him to the place you have picked for him to do his needs. Give the puppy some time and during this time, you can softly repeat, "Go pee" etc. in order to stimulate him. If the puppy does his needs in the correct place, praise him profusely. If you find your little rascal has done his needs in the wrong place, correct him by saying "No" but don't yell at him. This should only be done though, when you catch the puppy in the very act; if you say "No" to the puppy after he has finished, he will not relate the fact that his going pee in the wrong place is what you are correcting him for. Dogs and puppies learn by association, so this is very important. Be very patient.

Take your puppy outside:
After waking up, even from a nap
After extreme excitementbr /> After eating and drinking water
After prolonged chewing on a toy, etc.
If he starts sniffing around the house for a good spot


My type: Put two urine pads (available in pharmacy) on the floor – the first near the bed of puppy, the second near the door to garden. Puppy needs to urine every two or three ours and he can use these pads if you are not at home or if you do not catch his needs to go outside. In a few days remove the first pad and leave only the second near the door. All time teach the puppy to go to do it outside. The puppy must have entrance to the door outside whole day, because he will stay in front of it in case of needs in future (when my dogs need to do their needs they stay in front of the door to garden and wait).

If your puppy lives with you inside, do not be with him long time outside in winter or when cold weather is, because he could get cold.


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