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DE – WORMING (must be in every case…as curing or prevention)

Until three months it is necessary to de-worm (also as prevention) every two weeks (for example tablets Drontal, Caniverm, Ambex). From three months old until one year de-worm every tree months.

From one year old de-worm every six months (if you have small baby at home so do it every three months).



At the beginning of life the puppy must get three inoculations against various dog diseases (parvovirus, leptospirosa, canine distemper…). Rabies vaccine is inoculated with the three shot or can be inoculated separately as the fourth vaccine.

I was discussing it with a lot of owners of small breeds (and veterinarian also) through internet if it is better to inoculate booster of dog diseases together with rabies or separately. We think with small puppies it is much better to inoculate the rabies separately at the first time, because small breeds are more sensitive than big or giant dogs.

At the beginning the next inoculation must be min. two weeks and max. 4 weeks after previous inoculation. It means 3 weeks are ideally. At the beginning the puppy gets more inoculations, but later the dog will be revaccinated 1x yearly with the booster of dogs diseases and rabies vaccine.

Never give tablet against worms together with vaccine – it is unhealthy for your dog. You can give tablet against worms one week before vaccination or one week after vaccination.


This care is very important and it is usually appropriate to do it every month. Especially small breeds have a lot of hair in the ears and it is necessary to remove it from the ears. If the puppy/adult dog has too long nails move is uncomfortable and often painful for the dog.


The puppy is clean from mother (she took perfect care about her babies) and it is not good to bath him until min. 4 months. Use special shampoo for puppies every time. Then do not bath your puppy/adult dog often. The dogs skin has another PH (is more oily) than human skin and it is too dry and unhealthy after often bath.


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